University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus

Sustainability at USF St. Petersburg

Search Terms and Strategies

One of the first steps to search on a topic is think about keywords that might get you results on your topic or research question. You don't want to use just one keyword for searches, you need to have a collection of keywords you can use to try and find information. Possible keywords for sustainability include:

  • sustainability
  • renewable energy
  • smart city
  • circular economy
  • recycling

What are some other keywords you can think of?

Background Information

When you want to start learning about a new topic you don't want to go straight to a very specific peer reviewed article. To get background information it can be helpful to use a reference resources like an encyclopedia or handbook. Another great resource is CQ Researcher which are in-depth reports on different issues. Here are a few examples but you can always reach out to the library if you want help finding more resources.