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Sustainability at USF St. Petersburg

Sustainability Research at USF

Many of the faculty members at USF do research relating to sustainability. Below you can see some of the research done that is housed in our institutional repository. We also provide information to research for more of these resources.

Searching for Research by USF Faculty


Searching for Faculty Research

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1. Search Box

You can search by keyword - some example keywords are sustainable development, renewable energy, climate change OR climate science, environmental policy, etc. Play around with different keywords to see what kind of results come up!

You can click on the 'Advanced Search' button to limit results by searching by title (if known), author, and limit date ranges.

2. Faculty Research Profiles

Click on the 'Faculty Research Profiles' box and use the search box on top of the page. Here you can search by faculty member's name, discipline, or use keywords to find research by faculty. If you click on the three bars next to the search box, this will allow you to filter by research interests, disciplines, organization, or position.

Or just have some fun scrolling through faculty profiles!