University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus

EDF 6481: Foundations of Educational Research: St. Petersburg campus

This guide is designed for Dr. Steve Lang's course, Foundations of Educational Research, EDF 6481.

What is Open Access?

Quick Definition

The practice of authors, researchers, and institutions making their scholarly products (such as books, journal articles, and dissertations) freely available online without most copyright and licensing restrictions.

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Libraries, museums, publishers and other content providers are actively organizing and making collections of open access resources available.  Examples of Open access collections are

  • Research Articles - these collections frequently emerge from governmentally funded research or else are journals that are  ideological committeed to the free dissemination of research information.
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) - are freely available, openly licensed documents and multimedia that are useful for teaching, learning, assessment, and research. 
  • Institutional Respositories - these collections provide access and information on the intellectual work produced by the faculty and employees of a college or university.