University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus

EDF 6481: Foundations of Educational Research: St. Petersburg campus

This guide is designed for Dr. Steve Lang's course, Foundations of Educational Research, EDF 6481.

Finding Books

Most academic libraries in the United States use the Library of Congress Classification system to organize their books.  Education books will generally fall under the call number L. Bibliographies, research indexes and other items relating to books, publishing and information resources can be found under the Z call number. 

Class L – Education

  • Subclass L – Education (General)
  • Subclass LA – History of education
  • Subclass LB – Theory and practice of education
  • Subclass LC – Special aspects of education
  • Subclass LD – Individual institutions – United States
  • Subclass LE – Individual institutions – America (except United States)
  • Subclass LF – Individual institutions – Europe
  • Subclass LG – Individual institutions – Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific & Indian Ocean Islands
  • Subclass LH – College and school magazines and papers
  • Subclass LJ – Student fraternities and societies, United States
  • Subclass LT – Textbooks

Class Z - Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources

  • Subclass ZBooks (General). Writing. Paleography. Book industries and trade. Libraries. Bibliography.
  • Subclass ZA Information resouces (General)

How the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library is Organized

Circulating Collection:

  • Many multicultural Children’s literature guides can be found under the call number PN 1009 or Z1037. Organized by the Library of Congress classification system.
  • Books with call numbers A-HN located on the 2nd floor, HV-Z on the 3rd floor


Juvenile Collections:

  • The Juvenile Collections are located on the 2nd floor.  This area contains the Easy Reading, Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Non-Fiction, and Instructional Materials Collections. Organized by the Dewey decimal system.

Electronic Resources:

  • If you are on campus, you will automatically be connected to all of the electronic resources available through the USF Libraries
  • If you are off campus
    • Log into MyUSF 
    • Go to the Teaching Tools tab and select USF St Petersburg Library.  This will bring you to the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library webpage, but you will be authenticated for electronic access to the electronic resources provided through USF libraries.