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The Nelson Poynter Memorial Library at USF St. Petersburg campus is open for reduced hours.
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Citing Sources

Accessing RefWorks


  • Use Off-campus login
  • Enter the USF Group Code:         RWUSouthFlor
  • Enter individual user name and password when prompted

On campus:

  • Use On campus login
  • Enter individual user name and password when prompted

Saving Search Results

The steps to save the results of a search are similar regardless of the database in use. Terminology may differ but functions are the same:

  1. Mark records (check box or click on folder icon) of interest by following the directions given by the specific database or catalog. (Some databases require user to update or save marked items; others automatically save items as they are checked. Exporting one record at a time is possible but using the batch method is more efficient.)
  2. Open the saved list of items (may be called a folder, marked list, marked records, or selected items)
  3. Select option to Export
  4. Select RefWorks as the bibliographic management option
  5. Log into RefWorks account, if account is not already open
  6. When records have been successfully exported, user receives the following message: Import completed - # references imported
  7. Select Edit Imported References to place records in an existing folder or to create a new folder.
  8. RefWorks imports records exactly as they appear in the database.  Always check imported citations to be sure that all information has been transferred correctly and completely.

Note: If the database does not allow direct export to RefWorks, try saving selections as a delimited text (.txt) file and then import the file into RefWorks. 

To enter a citation manually:

  • From the toolbar across the top of the screen, click on References then Add New
  • Select a citation style from the drop-down menu near the top of the screen
  • Select the type of material (journal, book, book chapter, etc)
  • Enter the citation information;  when done, click on Save Reference

Generating a bibliography

  • Select a folder or create a list of references for the bibliography
  • Click on Create Bibliography button
  • Select desired citation output style from the drop-down menu
  • Choose desired file type from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the Create Bibliography button
  • Save the new file and check accuracy

RefWorks Features

Cleaning up your database:

  • Under VIEW, select Duplicates
  • Chose either "exact" or "close".
  • Similar records will be compiled for your review to keep or delete

You may share a folder with a colleague:

  • Click on the "organize and share" tab
  • Click on the icon (far right) & create an URL to folder you want to share
  • Save; go back to list (icon has now changed)
  • Click on the new icon to see meny, select "email this share"
  • Enter colleagues email and send

Add RSS feeds to your account:

  • Under SEARCH, select RSS Feeds
  • Copy & paster URL in the box
  • Click on "Add RSS Feed" to save
  • To run updates, just click on RSS in list