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SOP 4450 : Psychology of Religion

If you have a citation from a book or article bibliography, how do you find the full text?

First, you need to figure out what you are really looking for—is the citation for a book, an article, a web site, or a book chapter?  This isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  For instance, the following APA citation leads to a journal article:

Tsemberis, S., & Eisenberg, R.F. (2000). Pathways to housing: Supported horsing for street-dwelling homeless individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Psychiatric Services, 51(4), 487-492.

How can you tell this is an article in a journal?

  • Page numbers: 487-492 indicate it isn’t a complete book
  • Volume and issue: 51(4) suggests it is something published on an ongoing basis, like a journal
  • There isn’t a publisher or place of publication listed

Once we know that it is a journal article, how do we find the full text of the article?

We can search for the journal name (not the article title) in the USF Libraries Catalog—use quotation marks around the title to focus the search:

            “psychiatric services”

The title that you want to look up is usually the title that is listed in italics in the citation. The search results tell us that there is an online version of the journal available.  If we click on that link, we are led to the journal page where we see a link to “all issues”  Clicking on that and then following through to the year (2000), the volume (51), the issue (4), and the page (487) gets us to the listing for the article.  To get to the full text, just click on the “pdf” link.

If we are only interested in an online copy of the article, we can also search the “Find an e-journal” link under the “Is this journal available electronically?” box on this page web page.  This will also lead to the journal page where you may follow through to the year, volume, issue, and page.

4 ways to locate the full text of an article

  1. Click on the “full-text” link (when available) within the database.
  2. Use the  Find it @ USF link included within a database.
  3. Perform a title search on the title of the journal (not the article title) in the USF library catalog.
  4. Use the e-journal finder (above).  Search by the title of the journal (not the article title) then browse the backfiles to locate the correct volume and issue.

Is this journal available electronically?

This citation leads to a book chapter:

Oakley, D., & Dennis, D.L. (1996). Responding to the needs of homeless people with alcohol, drug and mental disorders. In J. Baumohl (Ed.), Homelessness in America (pp. 179-186). Phoenix, Oryx.

How can you tell this is book chapter?

  • Place of publication (Phoenix) indicates a book – journals rarely list the place of publication in the citation
  • Page numbers (pp. 1799-186) indicates it is a portion of a book, probably a chapter
  • Editor (Ed.) normally refers to a book

So how would you locate the chapter in the library? 

For books or book chapters, use the title of the book (not the chapter) to search the USF Libraries catalog (available on the “Find books” page of this site).  The title that you want to look up is usually the title that is listed in italics in the citation.  Enclosing the title in quotes can really focus the search.  So, to locate this book chapter, we would search the library catalog for:

            “homelessness in america”

The search tells us that this book is available either as an e-book (just click on the link and enter your netID to gain access) or it may also be found under the call number HV4505.H652 1996 at the USF St. Petersburg campus library.  To find the chapter, just go to page 179!