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Stress and Sleep

Breathing Apps

Breathing Zone

Using a clinically proven therapeutic breathing technique, this app decreases your heart rate, and over time can even help you lower your high blood pressure. What’s good about this app is that it does not require any complicated settings and breathing patterns. You just need to breathe in and out according to the voice instructions and visual guide provided by the app.

Paced Breathing

Paced Breathing helps a user to control their breathing cycle by providing visual and auditory feedback. This can be especially effective for meditative or athletic training. The app is designed to allow you to pick a comfortable starting point and slow down your breathing rate over a period of time in order to arrive at a rate you may not have been able to achieve on your own.

Pranayama Free

The formal practice of controlling the breath, central to the practice of yoga. You can choose different breathing rhythms and background music and progress from beginner to advanced breathing rates.

Meditation Apps

Smiling Mind 

Designed specifically for young people, Smiling Mind makes meditation fun, easy and accessible. Created by a team of psychologists who specialize in adolescent therapy, the app offers programs catered to different age groups, from 7-11 years old to adult, and also includes reminders.

The Mindfullness App

A tool for increasing your awareness in life. It helps you with the most difficult aspect of Mindfulness practice – namely to remember to be mindful.

Stress Reduction Apps

Calm- Meditate, Sleep, Relax


Do As One: Breath Together

The Breathe Together app allows you to experience connection by breathing together synchronously with everyone currently logged into the Universal Breathing Room on