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Emergency Plan for Nelson Poynter Memorial Library

Quick Tips


The SOCAT web page offers the following tips for helping Students of Concern

Tips for Supporting and Encouraging Students:

  • Request to see the student in private (as long as there is not a concern for safety).
  • Listen carefully to what the student is troubled about and try to see the issue from their point of view without agreeing or disagreeing.
  • Help the student identify options for action and explore possible consequences. If possible, offer to phone or accompany the student to the appropriate resources.
  • Avoid labeling the student’s behavior or the issues presented.
  • Inform the student about what can be gained by meeting with a counselor or other professional to talk about their problems.
  • Be open about the limits on your ability to help the student.
  • If the student appears to be in imminent danger of hurting themselves or others, call the USF St. Petersburg Campus Police at 873-4444 immediately. Afterwards, complete the Student of Concern Referral Form HERE to alert the SOCAT Case Manager of the issue for follow-up.
  • Do not promise to keep threats to self or others a secret.

Adopted from the SOCAT web page :

Contacts / Phone Numbers

University Resources

Wellness Center offers help and counseling after hours and on weekends. Contact information is included in the voice mail message) 727-873-4422
University Police 727-873-4444
Emergency Dean Program (5:00 P.M. to 8:30 A.M.+ Weekends 727-420-3570
Student in Crisis Action Team (SOCAT)
Case Manager

Other Resources


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK (8255)

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