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As part of the USF response to COVID-19, USF St. Petersburg Library is closed. Please check back regularly for updates.
Please use the following page to stay updated on library services and resources related to the Coronavirus and remote learning:

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Interlibrary Loan and PRONTO

What is ILLiad and how do I get started?

ILLiad is an automated interlibrary loan management system that improves our services to you by providing access to materials your home library does not own. To make an ILL request, sign into ILLiad using one of the log in buttons on the main ILL page. First time users will be asked to complete a one-time registration.

ILLiad is available to eligible patrons of the following libraries:

  • Poynter Library, USF St. Petersburg
  • Tampa Library, USF Tampa
  • Jane Bancroft Cook Library, USF Sarasota

Shimberg Health Sciences Library patrons (including students, staff, and faculty from the College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Public Health and the School of Physical Therapy). To place an interlibrary loan request as a USF Health patron, please fill out the request form.

What can I get from Interlibrary Loan?

Materials We Do Not Own
ILL works with libraries both national and international to get you access to materials that the Poynter Library does not own. This material is subject to the usage rules and due dates set by the lending library.

USF Libraries Materials
ILL will transfer materials owned at other USF Libraries to the Poynter Library.
Interlibrary loan cannot obtain:

  • Textbooks
  • E-Books
  • Standardized test books
  • Computer software
  • Entire issues of periodicals
  • Special media formats (ex. albums and kits)
  • Very old or rare material
  • Media (*exception for faculty, only media from other USF libraries)

How long does it take to get an ILL?

Typically, material owned by one of the USF campuses is available within 3-5 business days (assuming the material is on the shelf and not checked out to another patron).

When it is necessary to obtain materials from non-USF institutions, the wait is approximately 2-4 weeks. Your request is usually processed within 24-hours of receipt — the delay is incurred while awaiting action by the lending library, over whom we have no control.

You can help speed the process by:

  • only using abbreviations when your source citation uses them
  • providing complete citations
  • check the USF Catalog first
  • make sure your contact information in ILLiad is current
  • include an ISBN/ISSN or an OCLC/WorldShare Assession number in your request

What are the costs of Interlibrary Loan items?

The Interlibrary loan department currently provides a cost free service for most loans. Occasionally, there may be a fee associated with a request. In these cases, the ILL office will only be able to cover up to $50 worth of document supply fees.

What does the ILLiad request status of my ILL mean?

During the course of processing, your Interlibrary Loan request will move through several different status levels in the ILLiad system. You will receive an automated email notification when your item is available but the status levels will also give you an idea of how your request is doing.

  • Awaiting Request Processing: Your request has been successfully received by the ILLiad system and is waiting for an ILL staff member to process it.
  • Request Sent: Your request has been sent out by ILL staff to potential lenders. It will remain at this status until a lender agrees to send us material and that material is received by the ILL office.
  • Customer Notified via Email: Your requested material has arrived and is being held for you at the Library Services Desk. You should have received an email notifying you of the delivery.
  • Checked Out to Customer: Your requested material has been checked in at your Library Services Desk and is waiting for you to pick it up.

Is there a restriction on how many items I can request?

The Poynter Library ILL office can process 10 ILL requests per person per day. Requests in excess of this will be held until the following day.

Please remember that book loan periods are limited to the due date set by the lending library and cannot be renewed; schedule your research accordingly.

How many times can I request the same item?

You may only request an item once a semester.

Once a new semester begins you may request it again.

What is the Loan period for ILL materials?

Non-USF items requested through ILLiad are on loan for 5 weeks starting from the date the book is processed in our department. There are no renewals.

USF items requested through ILLiad have various do dates dependent upon patrons borrowing status.

Where do I pick up and return my ILL items?

Most articles are received by the ILL office electronically and delivered to you via email. Physical copies of articles are held at your Library Services Desk. (Faculty and Staff with campus mail points may opt for mailed articles during ILLiad registration.

Due to copyright issues, the library cannot retain articles. Therefore, it is important that you check materials electronically delivered for any problems, such as missing or illegible pages within one week of delivery. If you find any errors after that time frame, you will need to submit a new request for that article.

Incoming loans (books) are held at your home campus Library Services Desk under your last name. A current picture ID card is required to check-out ILL materials – no exceptions. Only the person whose name is on the ILL request may pick up an ILL book. Each library has the right to restrict the use of materials to “in-house use only”. This may be due in part to rarity, frailty or other extenuating circumstances.


Materials borrowed from another USF Library (i.e. Tampa, Sarasota, Health Sciences Center) may be returned to any USF library.

Materials borrowed from non-USF institutions (identified by an informational band/label on the front cover) must be returned to the Library Services Desk of your home library. Do not use book drops – this includes book drops inside the building proper. Do not remove the band/label from the item you have borrowed. It is your responsibility to observe and adhere to these restrictions. Failure to do so may result in holds or penalties applied to your account.

What are the penalties for late or lost ILL materials?

Non-USF books:

1 week late are subject to a $10 fine and are also blocked from ILL services until item is returned and fine paid.

30 days late the item is now automatically declared lost. The price of the book and a processing fee will be billed by the lending library and sent to you. This Bill must be paid and is non-refundable.

I am a Distance Learner, how do I get access to library materials?

Interlibrary loan will deliver library and ILL materials direct to a distanced learner’s home address. For Interlibrary loan purposes, the library defines a USF distance learner as a student currently enrolled in distance coursework who attends on-campus less than once a week and has a permanent residence outside Pinellas County.

Distance learner patrons must agree to return loans so that they are received back at the USF ILL office by the due date.

What are the Poynter Library’s ILL Office hours?

Poynter Library ILL Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.