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BSC 4910 Undergraduate Research

Open Data

Data is an essential part of research yet, for many years, it was not formally acknowledged as a part of the research process that should be managed, preserved, and shared. The release of the February 2013 Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) memorandum on increasing access to federal funded research spurred additional activity as both funding agencies and researchers from around the United States.

Interest in open data is increasing and the links below are a very small representation of the growing collection of data repositories. To learn more about the importance of Open Data, please visit our Data Management guide at

General Science

Biology and Ecology

Additional Resources

To locate reports and statistics from government agencies on the web, try adding the following to your Google keyword search:

site: (for Florida reports),   site:  (for Pinellas County reports), site: (for St. Pete reports), or site: .gov (for US reports)

Consider adding statistics as a keyword or use the advanced search settings to limit your searches by file type such as Excel (for data) or to pdf or Word (for reports).

Guidestar ( ), Charity Navigator ( and the Better Business Bureau: National Charity Report Index( can be used to help determine the value and authenticity of an organization.