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Are there penalties for overdue items?

Materials owned by the USF Library System are subject to overdue fines at a rate of 25 cents per book per day with an additional $10 service charge on the 7th day. Charges for lost materials will be decided by the lending library.

Interlibrary Loan is a privilege that relies heavily on a good relationship with the lending libraries. Late return of books can damage our relationship with the lending libraries and jeopardize our ability to borrow items in the future. The following will occur when materials are overdue:

  • You will receive two (2) due date reminder emails.
  • At seven (7) days overdue, you are blocked from using ILLiad and you incur and additional $10 charge.
  • Thirty (30) days overdue: you are billed for the item's replacement cost as determined by the lending library. All replacement costs are non-refundable.

Repeat offenders: Interlibrary Loan service will be blocked for individuals whose borrowing privileges have been suspended twice or who frequently return Interlibrary Loan materials after the date due. Patrons who have been blocked may request reinstatement of privileges by petitioning their home library.

Please understand that compliance with an item's due date is your responsibility. Any attempts we make to contact you are a courtesy, and our failure to do so does not release you from your responsibility to return the materials on time.

In addition, according to the USF Student Code of Conduct, misuse or abuse of ILL privileges may result in adjudication by the Student Judicial Office. See Student Code of Conduct: Section I(5): Response to Notice and Section I(7): misuse of property.