University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus

Poynter Corner


Poynter Corner is a popular mixed-use study and collaboration area that was designed for students to study individually or to work in groups and practice presentations.

Located in the southwest corner of the first floor of the Poynter Library, the area features rolling tables and chairs that enable students to reconfigure the layout of the room in support of their work. The podium for the lecturer is equipped with sophisticated technology to support presentations, including a 19”  LCD flat panel built  into the podium and computer with the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

The Poynter Corner is a high ambient light environment, having a beautiful view of Bayboro Harbor.  In this environment use of a typical projection system was not sufficient, so instead the space uses a crisp 80" HDMI LCD display on a stand which gives a large presentation easier viewing.  Attendees can also make use of several large dry-erase boards as well as two stationary Hermann Miller Resolve multi-seat workstations with power for laptop use at individual workstations. Use of the space and equipment is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Use of the Corner for Events

Student use of Poynter Corner has priority. While the space in Poynter Corner may sometimes be reserved for non-Library events throughout the year by securing the Dean of the Library’s approval in advance, the space was designed to serve the needs of students working on classwork and other assignments. The Dean takes into account the number and frequency of scheduled events, the prospective disruption to students needing to study, whether the proposed event is open to students, and the availability of other space on campus in making her decision on whether to allow events in the Corner.


Library Space Request Form for use of Poynter Corner