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Instructional Technology Charge/No Charge Assessments

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David Brodosi
USF St. Petersburg Innovative Ed
Office: POY 220
Phone: (727) 873-4126

Charge/No Charge Assessments

Services are provided at no cost to the requesting department when used by a faculty member in a regularly scheduled course, during actual class hours, as listed in the Registrar’s Schedule of Classes. Charges are assessed on all services held outside the classroom and those not directly related to scheduled classroom activities or related administrative services.


Service Priorities

The primary responsibility of the Department is to provide services which support teaching and research at USF St. Petersburg. Service requests are accepted on a priority basis as follows:

A. Scheduled credit classroom activities (E&G supported) and/or administrative services directly related to instruction.
B. Scheduled classroom activities, grant or other non-E&G supported.
C. Other educational programs, including grants and research programs.
D. Administrative services not directly related to instruction.
E. Student projects.
F. USF St. Petersburg activities sponsored by USF St. Petersburg organizations.
G. Governmental and non-profit agencies.
H. Activities, involving USF St. Petersburg personnel or students, not directly part of educational programs.

The purpose and intent of the Department of Instructional Media Services, Nelson Poynter Library, is to provide media support for classroom instruction and to serve varied non-instructional needs of USF St. Petersburg. This includes development and support of media resources, services, systems, facilities, and equipment in accordance with the missions of USF St. Petersburg and Poynter Library. The Department provides and maintains instructional media equipment in USF St. Petersburg campus classrooms and provides additional audiovisual equipment for checkout. Instructional Media Services provides equipment and technical assistance for faculty, students, and staff for the development of multimedia presentations for teaching, learning, and research. Instructional Media Services provide Online Learning services to facilitate online courses. The Department supports video conferencing facilities, USF St. Petersburg’s television studio facilities with production assistance, and equipment for independent satellite downlinks. The Instructional Media Services Department is the USF ID Card Center at USF St. Petersburg and provides identification cards and badges.