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Nelson Poynter Memorial Library Gallery

About Showing in the Gallery

About Showing in the Gallery, USF St. Petersburg campus

Apply for Library Gallery 2020-2021 Exhibition Schedule

The USF St. Petersburg campus will schedule a program of four exhibitions annually for its gallery space within the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library. Artists are invited to apply for a six to eight week slot on the exhibition schedule from December 2020 through December, 2021.

The university seeks work that:

  • Is professional in design, craftsmanship and presentation.
  • Will introduce students and the campus community to a wide range of excellent contemporary art including painting, photography, wall sculpture, innovations in new materials, mixed media and digital art.
  • Can be delivered ready to hang or display.
  • Is owned free and clear and does not infringe on any copyrights.

About the Exhibition Space

  • 57.875 linear feet of wall and 234 sq feet floor space. Gallery is a recessed area on the first floor, open to the main library space. It is not a walled in room. Track lighting conjunction with recessed fluorescent.
  • During library hours there is staff at the nearby desk. No staff in the gallery area.

About the Library Gallery Program

  • Work will be reviewed and recommended by a committee of USF St. Petersburg campus staff and local art experts.
  • Four exhibitions a year will be scheduled.
  • Selections from the artists’ bodies of work will be made by Ann Wykell, Coordinator, Places, Spaces and Art, USF St. Petersburg campus, and Kenny Jensen, exhibition designer for Poynter Gallery. The Dean of Nelson Poynter Memorial Library will have final approval of the exhibition program and The USF St. Petersburg Library Dean retains the right to approve or disapprove all exhibit content.
  • Learn more about the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library

How to Apply

  • Submit the following items:
    • Professional resume
    • Jpgs of work proposed for exhibition labeled by number
    • Image list with matching numbers, dimensions of work, media
      Statement about work, context, background or other information artist desires committee to see. (1 page limit recommended)
    • For questions or submissions - contact Ann Wykell

Artist Responsibilities

  • Consult with Designer about quantity and arrangement of work. Designer has final approval of exhibition layout.
  • Provide a Word file of label information to Designer.
  • Provide an inventory list of works.
  • Deliver selected art ready to hang and identified, on agreed upon date, approximately one week in advance of opening.
  • Insure work if desired. USF St. Petersburg does not insure the art.
  • On agreed upon date, provide draft of text in Word file, head shot or other agreed upon photos, for an interpretive panel.
  • Pick up work on agreed upon date. Library cannot be responsible for storing art beyond that date or for its condition if not picked up on time.


USF St. Petersburg campus Responsibilities

  • Design and hang show.
  • Design, produce and hang labels.
  • Design, produce and hang one interpretive panel.
  • Produce and install show title on wall in vinyl letters.
  • Publicize the exhibit on internal campus communications, website, alumni outlets and social media.
  • Send press releases to regional external media.


Poynter Library Gallery is not a sales gallery.  Information on how to contact artist or artist’s representative may be included in wall text and library will keep contact information and a price list at the Circulation Desk.


Opening Receptions

University regulations do not allow expenditures for refreshments.  Artists who wish to organize an opening may consult with Ann Wykell, Coordinator, Places, Spaces and Art at USF St. Petersburg campus.