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Guidelines: Digital Archive Guidelines

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Berrie Watson
Head, USF St. Petersburg Library Systems
POY 215
Phone: (727) 873-4402
Guidelines for Digital Works in the USFSP Digital Archive

The Nelson Poynter Memorial Library maintains Digital USFSP (, an open access institutional repository.

Through the Archive Team, USFSP faculty may submit research materials for inclusion in the archive and may revise their personal profile in SelectedWorks to highlight their research and creative works. Email if you would like to create or participate in the archive.

The following guidelines for faculty apply:

  1. Any currently employed permanent member of the USFSP faculty and any emeritus member of the USFSP faculty may work with the Library to establish a personal collection of their professional work within the archive.
  2. Adjunct or temporary faculty must have the agreement of their department head or college dean before establishing a collection within the Archive.
  3. The faculty SelectedWorks profile may contain links out to other scholarly or University web pages, if desired.
  4. Faculty retain copyright of any work deposited within the archive, unless they have signed it over to a third party.
  5. Authors are responsible for ensuring that their works in the archive do not violate copyright. Any images included in the archive—individually or as part of a larger item—must comply with copyright and must include consent for any identifiable individual(s). Content that doesn’t comply will be removed by the Archive Team.
  6. Faculty may select a Creative Commons license to attach to their submissions to make known their expectations for citation and use of their work. Unless advised otherwise, the default license attached to a submission will be CC non-commercial, no derivatives, 4.0.
  7. Faculty will work with the Archive Team to determine if any access restrictions or embargo periods may apply for selected deposits.
  8. Materials may be written in any language.
  9. The Archive Team will provide advice on file formats and file-naming conventions that are better suited for long-term preservation and efficient access. PDF files should be submitted whenever possible.
  10. Audiovisual files, executable files, or files over 1 gigabyte in size should be discussed with the Archive Team before being submitted.
  11. Through the Archive Team, faculty may submit a variety of scholarly materials as long as they meet the standards of the USFSP academic community. Examples of appropriate deposits include:
  • materials where the faculty member created or shared in the creation of the work and has the agreement of all other authors or creators
  • articles or post-prints of published materials when permitted by the commercial or academic publisher
  • abstracts of copyrighted publications, with full citations to the formal publication (no special permission is needed to deposit an abstract)
  • conference papers or presentations where copyright has not been transferred to a third party
  • course lectures or other course material that the author wants to preserve (as long as copyrighted material is properly cited and does not violate Fair Use guidelines)
  • technical or white papers/academic reports
  • research materials supporting scholarly publications
  • data sets
  • learning objects

Additional materials may be considered.  Please check with the Archive Team to discuss other options.

  1. The archive is not intended as a storage space for works in progress. The Archive Team may be able to suggest appropriate options for storing and accessing temporary works.
  2. The archive is not a suitable storage space for non-scholarly or personal photos, images, or other content that should otherwise be stored on a private web site or server.
  3. Faculty will not be able to revise or update items once submitted except to correct significant factual errors or unintentional copyright, policy, or legal violations.
  4. The Library retains the right to remove or restrict access to materials that are deemed in violation of copyright, USFSP Archive Guidelines, University or System policies, or State or Federal laws. The Library will notify authors when such steps are taken.



Approved by the USF St. Petersburg Digital Archive Team, June 2017