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The Nelson Poynter Memorial Library at USF St. Petersburg campus is open for reduced hours.
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Library Guide: Proxy Faculty Borrowing

Catherine Cardwell's picture
Catherine Cardwell
Dean of the Library
Office: POY 318
Phone: (727) 873-4400

Graduate or Teaching Assistants Borrowing on Behalf of Faculty Members

Borrowing Options:

(1) USF St. Petersburg faculty may loan their ID card to a graduate/teaching assistant to borrow library materials. The graduate/teaching assistant must present both the faculty member’s ID card and their own when borrowing materials. A letter of authorization on USF St. Petersburg letterhead, or an email from a faculty member’s official email address, is required in order for the graduate/teaching assistant to borrow on behalf of the faculty member.

(2) The USF St. Petersburg Proxy Card allows graduate/teaching assistants to borrow materials for faculty members at all University of South Florida Libraries. The card is issued in addition to the main USF St. Petersburg identification card; it does not substitute for it.

In applying for borrowing privileges, the faculty member assumes full responsibility for all materials loaned to the graduate/teaching assistant. Any fees associated with these borrowing privileges, including those for lost, damaged, and overdue recalled items, are the responsibility of the faculty member.

Faculty member and graduate/teaching assistant agree that:

  • Card is not transferable to any other graduate assistant
  • Materials will be renewed or returned on or before the due date
  • Recalled books will be returned immediately for use by other patrons
  • Changes of address will be reported immediately to the USF St. Petersburg Nelson Poynter Library Circulation Desk.
How to Apply:

Faculty and graduate/teaching assistants may apply for a Proxy Card after either a letter of authorization or an official USF email has been provided by a faculty member. Once either a letter or an email has been received, a member of Access Services will contact you either via email or phone to schedule an appointment to set up a Proxy Card.

Cards expire at the end of each semester, and may be renewed each fall, spring, and summer. The graduate assistant may bring a letter on USF St. Petersburg letterhead from the faculty member asking for renewal of the card.