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Liaisons by Subject or Discipline


Christine Dunleavy's picture
Christine Dunleavy
Manager, Collection Development & Technical Services

Office: POY 213
Phone: (727) 873-4718

Subject or Discipline


Accountancy Gary Austin
Anthropology & Archaeology Patricia Pettijohn
Art & Architecture Patricia Pettijohn
Audio-Visual Materials Patricia Pettijohn
Biography Patricia Pettijohn
Biology Tina Neville
Brewing Arts Patricia Pettijohn
Business Gary Austin
Chemistry  Tina Neville
Computer Technology Patricia Pettijohn
Digital Journalism and Design Patricia Pettijohn
Economics & Finance Gary Austin
Education- all majors Kaya van Beynen
Environmental Science  
Ethics Patricia Pettijohn
Florida Studies David
French – World Languages Kaya van Beynen
Food Writing and Photography Patricia Pettijohn
Geospatial Science  
Government and International Affairs Camielle
Health Camielle
History (U.S. & World) Gary Austin
Journalism & Mass Comm Patricia Pettijohn
Infant-Family Mental Health Tina Neville
Law Patricia Pettijohn
Leadership Studies Camielle
Library and Information Science Tina Neville
Literature (U.S. & World) Patricia Pettijohn
Marine Biology Tina Neville
Marketing Gary Austin
Mathematics Patricia Pettijohn
Military and & Naval Science Gary Austin
Music Patricia Pettijohn
Philosophy Patricia Pettijohn
Political Science Camielle
Psychology Tina Neville
Sociology & Social Work Camielle
Religion Patricia Pettijohn>
Theater & Film Patricia Pettijohn