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Patron Privacy: Overview


We in the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library uphold the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights which states that all library users have the right to conduct research without concern for unauthorized access to their personal information including details on the resources or services that are used in the course of their inquiries.


Usage Guide

Privacy of library patron records is maintained in accordance with federal and state laws and USF’s Student Records Policy. The Library does not release information about resources that an individual has checked out or obtained through interlibrary loan, except as required by warrants issued by law enforcement agencies. Library staff members are trained to protect the privacy of library users and the confidentiality of library records. Patron records may be accessed by library staff to perform their respective duties. Personal information about library users is shared only to conduct library and university business, except as required by law.Use of library computers is governed by USF policies on computer and network use and may be monitored and recorded under certain circumstances.


Additional Considerations

Library computers are located in open spaces where content may be viewable by others.

  • The Library does not utilize any web filtering software but is legally responsible for reporting any Internet usage that is prohibited by University policy or Federal or State laws.
  • Computer files saved to the temporary student storage space may be available for 24-48 hours before being automatically deleted from the system.
  • For security purposes, the public areas of the library are under video surveillance at all times.
  • Because sound carries in the library, library users should be aware that phone and face-to-face conversations may be overheard by others and they are advised to act accordingly.
  • For security reasons, personal identification may be requested by library staff, library security, or the University Police


Related Resources

Florida Statute 257.261 Library registration and circulation records.

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