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Group Study Room Guideline: Overview

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Natalie Polson
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Office: POY125
Phone: (727) 873-4843

The Nelson Poynter Memorial Library is designed to foster both individual and collaborative study and research necessary for the success of the USF St. Petersburg campus faculty and students. Numerous large and small study rooms located on the west side of all three floors (including one with Assistive Technology) provide quiet, individualized, and enclosed group study areas within the building to support that mission. Study rooms contain large screen monitors which may be connected to a laptop computer to supply audio and video for group project work. Rooms also contain a white board. Wireless access is available in the study rooms, as it is throughout the library. This guideline has been established to ensure the efficient and equitable management of these limited, high-demand library spaces.


Usage Guide

The Poynter Library’s study rooms are for the use of current USF students, staff, and faculty for the purpose of study and research. Study rooms are not intended for activities such as classes, meetings, or interviews. Borrowers are responsible for leaving rooms in good order, ready to use by the next user(s). Damage to or problems with the room or its equipment should be reported to the Service Desk immediately. Borrowers and group members must abide by all rules and restrictions for use listed below. Library staff may discontinue access, limit access, or require a borrower or member of a study group to leave if there are any infractions or violations of the requirements listed below or other violations of the Library’s Code of Conduct. Nelson Poynter Memorial Library staff reserve the right to enter the study rooms as needed.


Usage Limitations
  • Only current USF students, staff, and faculty with a valid USF ID may check out a room key at the Service Desk. USF ID card holders may not check out a room for use by a non-USF user, including family and friends.
  • When available, rooms must be booked through the online reservation system; all access is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Study rooms have a three-hour loan period. All users are expected to vacate rooms at the end of the loan period and return the key according to designated due date
  • Failure to return key promptly at the end of the three-hour loan period will result in overdue fines and/or key replacement costs which are outlined on the web site at:
  • If a study room is checked out within the last three hours that the building is open, keys must be returned to the Service Desk no later than 15 minutes before the library closes for the day.
  • At the discretion of Library staff, renewals for another three hours are allowed if other keys are available and demand is low.
  • White board markers and erasers are available for checkout at the Service Desk.
  • The card holder who checked out the room key is the responsible party for the key, the conduct of the group, and the condition of the room at the end of the loan period.
  • Tables must be clean and all garbage disposed of in proper receptacles at the end of the loan period.
  • Large study rooms are intended for group work; single occupants may be asked by library staff to cede usage to a group.
  • Only one key may be checked out to an individual at a time.
  • Any use of a study room that disturbs other users or regular library operations is not permitted and library staff may ask study room occupants to vacate the room before the end of the loan period if complaints have been received.
  • Since the 3rd floor is designated as a quiet study zone, users of these study rooms are asked to avoid loud conversations. Those needing to collaborate are encouraged to use other areas of the library.
  • Study room keys are “In Library Use Only” items and are not to be removed from the building or duplicated.
  • Users should not attempt to repair or move library equipment in the Study Rooms. Contact library Circulation Desk staff for assistance.
  • Users may not cover windows with paper or other materials that prevent staff from viewing inside the rooms.