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This guide provides an overview of the United Nations' Sustainable Development goals, USF Libraries' Sustainability work, and a variety of resources and tools for sustainability in higher education as well as libraries. We hope that this guide serves as a helpful resource when approaching sustainability work in your community.

Call to Action

From the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign:

"For too long, we have been used to thinking in divisions. We draw lines, segregating countries, peoples, issues.

The lines are everywhere – in the parched soil cracked with drought; in the sky trailing a plane; in the barriers and walls that keep us apart.

The power of the SDGs is that they call on us to weave the lines together, transforming them into a ribbon.

The ribbon represents our togetherness and community. It calls on us to unite to act

Unity is at the heart of the SDGs because achieving any single goal requires achieving them all. And this is only possible when people themselves unite for change.

United does not mean everyone doing the same thing or thinking the same way. It means people coming together, in all our diversity, to give humanity and our planet a beautiful, sustainable future.

We are stronger together, united in action. #Act4SDGs"

UN Sustainable Goals

Click on the image below to read about all 17 of UN's Sustainable Development Goals.