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Data Literacy Teaching Toolkit

Instructional activities and resources for faculty who wish to teach data literacy skills and integrate data-related learning objectives into their courses.

Global Connections Through Consumption: A Research Assignment

This research methods and data literacy assignment was initially created as a research assignment for an introductory geography course taught by Dr. Rebecca Johns at the USF's St. Petersburg campus. It addresses these core data literacy competencies:

Competencies used in Global Consumption project

Contact: Please contact Dr. Rebecca Johns for more information.

Data Simulation Activity and Assignment

This data literacy activity was created for an upper level political science course, and could be adapted for different disciplines by modifying the narrative in a variety of ways. It addresses the below data literacy competencies:

Contact: Please contact Dr. Luis Felipe Mantilla,, if you have questions about adapting this activity and assignment for your courses.

Data Creation and Synthesis Workshop

This data literacy activity has been used at multiple levels, from first year to graduate students and working professionals. It addresses these data literacy competencies and could be used as a preliminary workshop for students undertaking undergraduate research projects:

Contact: Please contact librarian Theresa Burress,, to request a library workshop or for assistance adapting this activity for your course. 

This activity is adapted from:

Cobb, G. W., & Miao, W. (1998). Bears in Space: Activities to Introduce Basic Ideas of Design. In ICOTS
5 (pp. 214–220). Singapore: International Association for Statistics Education (ICOTS).

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