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As part of the USF response to COVID-19, USF St. Petersburg Library is closed. Please check back regularly for updates.
Please use the following page to stay updated on library services and resources related to the Coronavirus and remote learning:

USFSP Library Continuity Guide: Resources for Remote Learning

Instructional Techology Equipment Loans

David Brodosi's picture
David Brodosi
Office: POY 220
Phone: (727) 873-4126

Instructional Media Services priority is for faculty support. We do not loan equipment to students. We have a variety of equipment available: data/video projectors, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, portable sound systems, portable lecterns with sound systems, personal voice amplification systems, digital document cameras, digital audio recorders, webcams, USB microphones, blu-ray DVD players, CD/cassette players, screens and 35mm slide projectors. These items must be picked up at the office. Advance reservations are preferred.

Users must accept financial responsibility for the borrowed equipment. They must return it in good condition, or pay to repair or replace the equipment that was damaged, lost, or stolen while in their possession. Please take a moment and read the charge/no charge service information.

Equipment is loaned for University instructional purposes only, and is NOT FOR HOME USE OR PERSONAL GAIN.