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Antiracist Reading List

Enlightenment Series Suggested Reading List

Below you will find linked articles and books to the 2021-2022 Academic Year Enlightenment Series Reading List.

Some resources are not available through the library and are not linked. If you would like access to one of these resources please request it through InterLibrary Loan. If you have trouble accessing the links, log into your in the same browser and try again. If you still have issues please contact the library through chat or email

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From Protest to Progress: Combating Discrimination, Bias, and Oppressive Practices

Bell, M. P., Berry, D., Leopold, J., & Nkomo, S. (2021). Making Black Lives Matter in academia: a black feminist call for collective action against anti‐blackness in the academy. Gender, Work & Organization28, 39-57.

Marshburn, C. K., Folberg, A. M., Crittle, C., & Maddox, K. B. (2021). Racial bias confrontation in the United States: What (if anything) has changed in the COVID-19 era, and where do we go from here?. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations24(2), 260-269.

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