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How to access library resources from remote locations

One of the most popular topics for Library Systems, and one that generates some of the most puzzled looks from users is how to access library resources from home or other remote locations.  Due to copyright, usage, and other restrictions the resources offered by the USF St. Petersburg Library or USF Libraries varies greatly.  An anonymous web user can access only a limited listing of databases, full-text articles, and other materials.  Web users that establish student, staff or Faculty status through the USF Portal are given a more full listing, and can access both abstract and full text articles, databases and more.

How to Get Access to More Material

For currently enrolled students, the method to access full listings of library resources begins with the USF NetID, and with the University System portal- simply visit  This is also the primary access portal for Faculty and staff.

The EZ-Proxy service has been discontinued, which allowed access through VPN or through alternately formatted links. The word ‘proxied’ referred to access that is passed through another, or specifically it is passed through being located on the University’s network.  Much like a vote can be by proxy (where another passes the vote in your place) a proxy allows use of all resources as though a  physical location at USF.

Please direct any questions or comments using the FeedBack form located on the Systems and Digital Technology web site using our General Feedback Form .

Last edited on January 9, 2014