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As part of the USF response to COVID-19, USF St. Petersburg Library is closed. Please check back regularly for updates.
Please use the following page to stay updated on library services and resources related to the Coronavirus and remote learning:

USFSP Library Continuity Guide: Resources for Remote Learning

Computing Hardware & Software Resources


USFSP Library Hardware & Software for use by students and faculty of USFSP are found on library student-use computers throughout the library, as well as laptops for checkout for students for use within the library building made available through the Access Services circulation desk.  Software adoption by the library Systems department is a process that requires licensing and follows the procedures outlined in the Software Adoption Guideline.

Areas of the library where hardware and software can be found include:

Information Commons
A 60 station environment throughout the library which include quiet study on the 3rd floor, active computing and printing on the 1st floor, and newly installed Group Study Room computing.  For more details please visit the USFSP Information Commons Computing page.  Faculty may request software additions by following the Software Adoption Guideline.


Laptops for Checkout
Fifteen PC laptops and ten Apple Macbook Pro laptops are available for student and faculty use within the physical building of the library on all floors.  Wireless connectivity for these machines is available throughout. For more information visit the USFSP Library Laptops resource page.


Library Instruction Classroom (POY218)
Twenty four PC machines are available in this space, located within retractable tables too accommodate both laptop, desktop, or built-in computer use.  For more information visit the Library Instruction Classroom Space Page.  USF affiliation for usage of this room is required, and appointments are booked one semester in advance in non-recurring appointments. Guidelines concerning the scheduling, use and procedures regarding the Library Instruction Classroom can be found on the companion page, Guidelines for the Library Instruction Classroom.  Full guidelines can be found on our Digital Archive document, Nelson Poynter Memorial Library Space Guidelines.


USFSP Virtual Labs
Accessible from all computers within the library, the USFSP Virtual Computer Lab provides access to university licensed applications from virtual desktops running in a virtual environment at USFSP Campus Computing. In addition to USFSP labs, these virtual desktops will run on your personal computer or device from off campus. A VMware Horizon client is required to connect to the virtual desktops. A USF VPN client is required to connect to the virtual desktops from off campus.  For more information and to download the client visit the USFSP Campus Computing Virtual Labs page.