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University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus

Computing Support Services

Computing Hardware Resources
Image Location Description Use Notes
DellOptiplex9010 1st Floor Information Commons 50 Dell Optiplex 9010 Computers, i7 Processor, CDRW/DVD drives, sound and 19″ Flat Panel display Student Use with NetID, for Desktop Publishing Tasks
Apple Macbook Pro Checkout from 1st Floor Circulation 10 Apple Macbook Pro laptops with wireless LAN access, 4 hour battery backup, available for checkout. Student Use with NetID, Microsoft Office Desktop Publishing.
HP Scan Jet 1st Floor Information Commons HP Scanjet 8200Color Flatbed Scanner, removable lid for oversize items Student Use with NetID, For Image Manipulation with Adobe Photoshop CS.
Dell Optiplex Stacks & WebExpress on all Floors 6 Dell Optiplex GX780 computers with 15″ Display. Access to online catalogs and USF based searches.
Dell Optiplex POY 218 Library Instruction Room 27 Dell Optiplex 3010 Computers, Dual-Core Processor, CDRW drives, & 17″ adjustable Flat Panel Displays. Bibliographic Instruction, USF and Non-USF training.
Dell Latitude Checkout from 1st Floor Circulation 10 Dell Latitude 15 Laptops, i7 Processor, wireless LAN access, 2 hour battery backup. Internet and Library database searching from all floors of the library.
Dell Optiplex 1st Floor Information Commons 1 Dell Optiplex GX 780Computers, i3 processor, CDR drives, sound and 17″ Display. Affiliate use Only.
Ricoh Printing 1st Floor Information Commons Color Printing & CopyingRicoh Multifunction Color Printer & Copier system. Fifteen cents per page color printing on 8 1/2 X 11 or 8 1/2 X 14 Paper. 600X600 dpi printing with a 300K/mo duty cycle. Student & Lab Color printing needs.
Thumb Drive 1st Floor Circulation Various USB 2.0 Thumb DrivesThumb drive, 2-4 Gigabyte capacity. Users may check out these flash drives to take home; USB bays are available via the front door of Dell Optiplex machines. Students, staff or faculty who need to save anything larger than a standard floppy (1.44MB). The library provides 1 Gigbit capacity, but Cruzer drives also come in 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, or GB sizes.