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Nelson Poynter Memorial Library Gallery


The Gallery within the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library exhibits work that introduces the campus community to a wide range of contemporary art and cultural and historical objects. Its annual schedule of exhibits also showcases the academic accomplishments of USF and its community partners. 


Propose an Exhibition

About Showing in the Poynter Library Gallery, USF St. Petersburg campus

Apply for Library Gallery Exhibition

The USF St. Petersburg campus will schedule a program of exhibitions annually for its gallery space within the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library. Exhibitors are invited to apply for a slot on the exhibition schedule throughout the academic year. USF students, faculty, and staff, as well as outside curators and community partners are invited to propose an exhibition in the library gallery. We welcome proposals for exhibitions, performances, research projects, as well as other innovative uses of our space.

About the Exhibition Space

  • North wall 12’-10” x 11’-5”
  • East wall 20’-10” x 11’-5”
  • Gallery is a recessed area on the first floor, open to the main library space. The NPML Gallery is not a walled in room. 
  • During library hours there is staff at the nearby desk. No staff in the gallery area.

How to Apply

To propose an exhibition or event, please email the following information to Kristina Keogh, Campus Library Dean, at

  • Name of Exhibition or Event
  • Statement: A short description (one paragraph to one page) describing the proposed exhibition or event.
  • Exhibition Inventory: A potential list of what you will display in the NPML Gallery. If you would like to use any materials from Special Collections or the Library's general collection, list their titles with call numbers.
  • The proposed length of the exhibition and date range preference if you have one. The length of the exhibition is dependent on the space available in the schedule.
  • Install Needs: List all of the display and hanging supplies that you plan to use and who is providing what. (Please note that you will have to install and deinstall the exhibition at your own expense and/or labor with the oversight of our staff during regular  library open hours.)

Please contact Kristina Keogh with any questions or to discuss options in advance of a proposal.

Exhibitor/Curator Responsibilities

  • Consult with Campus Library Dean, Kristina Keogh.
  • Provide an inventory list of works.
  • Install works on agreed upon date.
  • Insure work if desired. USF St. Petersburg does not insure works of art.
  • Pick up work on agreed upon date. Library cannot be responsible for storing art beyond that date or for its condition if not picked up on time.


NPML Responsibilities

  • Publicize the exhibit on internal campus communications, website, alumni outlets and social media, as agreed upon.
  • Send press releases to regional external media.