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Digital Learning


Innovative Education's Learning Designers partner with faculty to develop engaging online courses and digital content to meet the needs of today’s learners. Our nationally recognized learning designers are dedicated to creating high-quality online courses and offer an array of instructional design and multimedia services optimized for each instructor and each course.

Our design and delivery is rooted in Quality Matters research and practice.


Digital Learning’s online course development process pairs faculty course developers with skilled learning designers to optimize learning in digital environments.

This highly collaborative process involves organizing your course structure, creating meaningful interaction between you and your students, using the most appropriate blend of technologies to develop interactive content, aligning student learning outcomes with content, assessment and practice, and ensuring your course follows accessibility guidelines, USF policies, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.

Throughout the process, your learning designer will provide personalized support through ongoing meetings and just-in-time (virtual) resources. Their expertise in online course design, learning theory, and learning technologies will play an important role in creating student-centered learning experiences.


Digital Learning offers two development cycles per year in the fall and spring semesters. Each cycle runs concurrent with the academic calendar and are kicked-off in advance to allow as much development time as possible. Two-semester development cycles are recommended for new online courses or courses needing significant multimedia support. Two-semester development cycles are offered in spring-summer or summer-fall.

If you would like to propose an online course for development, please contact your college leadership. Associate Deans manage the online strategy for each college in coordination with department chairs and Innovative Education.


  • Fall Development Intakes Due Beginning of April
  • Spring Development Intakes Due End of October