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Digital Learning and Instructional Technology Services

Instructional Design

Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services has a full team of Instructional Designers who collaborate with faculty to design and develop high-quality online and blended courses.

Instructional Designers support faculty with course development in the following ways:

  • Help faculty members transition from traditional to technology-enhanced courses.
  • Provide guidance for instructional design and best practices for quality.
  • Suggest appropriate learning and assessment strategies and technology tools to support student engagement.
  • Suggest ways and means of building academic integrity into the course during development. 
  • Coordinate the development of instructional media.
  • Build course and materials in the online learning environment.
  • Provide on-going support to faculty for course-related questions and issues.

Our Instructional Designers are available by appointment for consultation and development of online courses and faculty training. By keeping up with research on the theories, methods, and technologies that go into online learning, instructional designers are an invaluable resource when creating and managing online courses.

To request a meeting with your Instructional Designer, please complete the OLITS Instructional Design Services Form in order to enable us tto provide the best support.

Course Design Process and Timeline

For new course designs and full course redesigns, faculty can expect to spend up to 300 hours in development. This time estimate includes development of course media, designing assessments and activities, training on delivery tools, and more. Working with an Instructional Designer on these aspects is cyclic in nature. As an example, after meeting with the Instructional Designer, faculty may need a few weeks to develop assessments, then the Instructional Designer may need a few weeks to build the assessments into the online learning environment. For those reasons it is recommended that course development of this type begin at least two semesters in advance of when the course will be offered live.

For smaller scale redesigns and minor updates, faculty can expect to spend considerably less time on these aspects. It is recommended that course development of this type begin at least one semester in advance of when the course will be offered live.

In both instances it is best to consult with your Instructional Designer to determine a timeline that best meets the needs and availability of all involved.

Request Support

To request support for new course development, re-design, or minor updates complete the Distance Learning Support Request Form. Include the details of the work to be done and your support needs. Submit this form to your Dean's office. Once signed, they will submit the completed form to our office.

It is recommended that you consult with your Instructional Designer prior to submission to answer any questions and discuss possibilities. 

College of Arts & Sciences - Steph James,, 727-873-4437

College of Business - Otis Wilder,, 727-873-4226

College of Education - Ricky Zager,, 727-873-4793