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Emergency Plan for Nelson Poynter Memorial Library

Emergency situations involve immediate threats to life, health and property. These could include health emergencies - including cuts, falls, heart attacks, etc., weather­related emergencies, such as tornadoes, and property emergencies - such as fires or bomb threats.

If an emergency occurs:

Call 911 to report any medical emergency or fire. After you have called 911, call University Police (3-4140 or 3-4444) to inform them of the emergency.

Call University Police at  (727) 873-4444 to report unruly patrons or other situations requiring police presence.

In case of fire or other emergencies requiring evacuation of the building - evacuate first and call 911 when outside. The library's primary evacuation point is under the sculpture in Poynter Park. If you are unable to gather there -- because of extreme weather or other dangers -- you should evacuate to Bayboro Hall.

Provide any information about the situation the dispatcher asks for ­­ such as name, location, time, and type of emergency. When possible, report the number of injuries or fatalities, damage to facilities and equipment, and specific information regarding threats of violence, etc. Follow any instructions given.

Be prepared to take action as instructed by University Police, building management staff, or other emergency personnel. After the police have been informed of the emergency, report the situation to library administration, 873-­4400 or 873­-4401.

In case of situations likely to attract media inquiries, refer questions promptly to University Relations, 873­-4458, or to the office of the Regional Chancellor, 873-­4460.

No emergency plan can anticipate every situation. Use your own good judgment and common sense at all times!