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USF St. Petersburg Online Learning Accessibility Checklist

This checklist was developed by the Distance Learning Accessibility Committee at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. This tool is meant to help faculty instructors and instructional designers assess the accessibility of their course and determine where improvements can be made. We thank you in advance for taking the time to improve the accessibility of your course.

For each checklist item, please select:

Yes if you implement this within your course.
No if you do not implement this within your course.
Not Sure if you are not sure whether or not you have implemented this in your course.
N/A if you do not have the element in your course to which this checklist item is applicable.

After you have finished, click "Results." You will then need to scroll down on the page. The form will generate a list of tips and tutorials based on your responses. All links open in a new tab in your web browser. You can view the tutorials immediately, or save them for later review (instructions are at the bottom of this page).

For any questions regarding this checklist, please contact Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services at the Nelson Poynter Library.

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