University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Reserves FAQ for Faculty


1.   Where do students pick up Reserve Materials?

At the Circulation Desk with a valid USF ID.

2.   How long are the loan periods for Reserve Materials?

Professors have the choice of putting materials on for 3hr (In library use only), 3hr (Outside use) 1-day, 3-day or 7-day.

3.   Where can I find the Reserve Request Form?

You may ask for it at the circulation desk, or you may download the PDF version from the Library Forms List. Completed forms and all materials to be placed on reserve may either be brought to the circulation desk or sent by campus courier to POY 118, please address to Circulation Department ATTN: Natalie Polson.

4.   What if the materials I need are at another USF location?

Books from all USF campuses can be requested through interlibrary loan; please request at least two weeks before the item is needed. In the note field of your request simply write that the requested item is for Poynter Reserve. Please visit the library’s website at  for more information on how to submit an interlibrary loan request. Media items from other USF campuses can be placed on reserve.

5.   How do I obtain copyright Permissions for materials?

Information regarding copyright and a sample letter requesting copyright permission are available at University Copyright Policy

Publisher’s addresses may be obtained from the online version of Books in Print available at: Books in Print

Faculty members are responsible for obtaining the correct permissions from copyright holders for items placed on reserve. Copyright compliance is mandatory. Instructors must sign the Copyright Compliance statement on the printed reserve from. Graduate assistants may not sign in their instructor’s stead.

6. What sort of items am I able to place on reserve?

Faculty members are invited to place materials on reserve at the circulation desk for the benefit of students in their classes. These materials may include but are not limited to…

Poynter Library materials such as

  •      Books
  •      Media
  •      Journals

Personal items such as:

  •      Class notes
  •      Media
  •      Exams
  •      Textbooks
  •      Articles
  •      Kits

Items obtained from other libraries of USF  such as:

  •       Books
  •       Media

Materials borrowed from libraries other than USF Libraries may not be placed on reserve.

7. When should I submit the Reserve Request Form and any materials?

You may submit the reserve request form and any materials at any point in the semester. However, important-materials should be submitted a minimum of one week before the term begins in order to ensure timely processing. Items received after that point will be added on a first-come, first-served basis. While classes are in session please allow at least 3 working days for the Access Services staff to process your reserve materials before telling your class that these materials are available.

8. Do I need to submit a separate Reserve Request Form for each Course?

A separate reserve request must be submitted for every course with reserve materials, with the exception of courses that have the same course number but have different section numbers and are using the same materials being placed on reserve. Each reserve item must be listed individually on the reserve request form.

9.  How long do items stay on reserve?

Generally reserve items remain on reserve for the entire semester.  There is an option on the Reserve Request form to have the materials remain on reserve for the next semester, please note that you are responsible for renewing copyright permission. At the end of the semester unless otherwise notified personal items are sent back to the address point listed on the reserve request from and library materials are shelved back into our library stacks. As a courtesy we ask that any professor who needs personal material back before the end of the semester let us know at least one day in advance so that we may take the item off reserve in our system.