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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are You Ready for an Online Course?

Students thinking about taking online courses should consider what it means to be an online student before deciding to take an online course.

Online learning is not more difficult, or less effective, it’s simply different. Once you get used to ‘attending class’ from your home, the computer lab or library, you may find the overall experience to be even more rewarding than face-to-face classes.

The benefits of taking an online course may seem obvious, but you will want to make sure that you will be able to successfully complete the course requirements.

Success with USF St. Petersburg's online courses requires a different set of skills than those used in traditional face-to-face teaching. You must be self-paced, self-controlled, and diligent about your coursework. 

If you are ready for online learning, you'll need the following:

·         A computer with a current operating system and a reliable Internet connection.

·         Competency with the basic computer skills (word processing, Internet search, attachment, sending/receiving e-mail, file management, upload and download).

·         Ability to interact online with fellow students to complete group projects.

·         Ability to meet assignment deadlines.

·         Ability to express your ideas and questions in writing.

·         Ability to locate and use support resources.

·         Approximately 10 or 15 hours of study time per week for each course.


To learn more about the skills and technology requirements of becoming an online student, visit the USF St. Petersburg Guide to Online Learning.