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Frequently Asked Questions

Course Reserves FAQ for Students

1. What are Course Reserves?

Course Reserve is a service provided by the Poynter Library to USF St. Petersburg campus teaching faculty & staff. This service allows professors to place items such as textbooks, study guides, and supplemental resources on Course Reserve for the benefit of their students. This is an optional service and professors are under no obligation to utilize this library service.

2. What sort of items are on Course Reserve?

  • Textbooks
  • Study Guides
  • Articles
  • Media Items
  • Study Kits
  • Books

3. Do you have my textbook?

Unless a professor has provided a textbook for course reserve the library does not usually carry textbooks in our collection.

Visit Our Text Book Guidelines

To check our online catalog for a particular item visit our website:

To check our online Course Reverve catalog for a particular item visit our website:

4. How long are the loan periods for Course Reserve Materials?

Professor’s get to choose the loan period for each item.

The loan periods vary for each item. Loan periods maybe from 3hr (In library use only), 3hr (Outside use) 1-day, 3-day or 7-day (home use).

5. What do I need to checkout?

A valid USF ID.

6. How many Course Reserve Material can I check out?

You may checkout up to 3 course reserve items at a time.

*There are some exceptions to this rule

7. What if I am late returning Course Reserve Materials?

3hr loan items are subject to an overdue fine of 25 cents per item for every hour late.

1-day, 3-day and 7-day loan items are subject to an overdue fine of $1 dollar per item for every day late.

8. Can I do anything to get the items I need on Course Reserve?

Yes, you can ask your professor if they know about the Course Reserve service offered at the library. Refer them to the Faculty Course Reserve webpage located under links, services, or ask them to contact the library at 727-873-4405 or Library Circulation Email for more information.