University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Library Space Reservations

The library has numerous public spaces that are designed for individual and group use.  Some of these spaces are available for use with a reservation and appropriate notice.  For a full listing of our spaces and accompanying guidelines and reservation forms, please visit the USF St. Petersburg campus Library Spaces Page.


NOTE: Use of the Library’s public spaces must recognize that the space is still library space. Organizers and attendees of approved events must respect the students, their safety, and their need for quiet study space. Noise should be kept to a reasonable level and may not include the playing of loud music, conducting amplified prize drawings, or anything that would be disruptive outside of the area approved for the event. Organizers and attendees must follow fire and other safety regulations and must keep entrances and exits into the area unobstructed and may not have any lighted or flammable materials (with the exception of approved catering equipment.) Food and drink must be approved before it is brought in and organizers are responsible for cleaning up after their events and making sure that the space is put back in order before they leave.