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USF St. Petersburg campus Guide to Online Learning

Common Course Technology Tools

As an online or face-to-face student, you may encounter a variety of technology tools across courses. Below you will find a list of some of the most common tools used at USF St. Petersburg campus as well as links to accessibility, privacy, and support information. 


Technology Privacy Policy Accessibility Statement Support Page
Canvas Canvas Privacy Policy Canvas Accessibility Statement  Canvas Guides
Blackboard Collaborate Blackboard Collaborate Privacy Policy Blackboard Collaborate Accessibility Statement Blackboard Collaborate Support
Blackboard Ultra Blackboard Ultra Privacy Policy Blackboard Ultra Accessibly Statement Blackboard Ultra Support
Proctorio Proctorio Privacy Policy Proctorio Accessibility Statement Proctorio Support
Turnitin Turnitin Privacy Policy Turnitin Accessibility Statement Turnitin Support
Microsoft Office Microsoft Office Privacy Policy Microsoft Office Accessibility Statement Microsoft Office Support
Visual Studio Visual Studio Privacy Policy Visual Studio Accessibility Statement Visual Studio Support
CutePDF CutePDF Privacy Policy CutePDF Accessibility Statement CutePDF Support
Google/Google Docs Google Privacy Policy Google Accessibility Statement Google Support
YouTube YouTube Privacy Policy YouTube Accessibility Statement YouTube Support
Adobe Adobe Privacy Policy Adobe Accessibility Statement Adobe Support
Cengage (MindTap & Aplia) Cengage Privacy Policy Cengage Accessibility Statement Cengage Support
Macmillan (LaunchPad) MacMillan Privacy Policy MacMillan Accessibility Statement MacMillan Support
Pearson (MyLab) Pearson Privacy Policy Pearson Accessibility Statement Pearson Support
Vista Higher Learning (Supersite) VHL Privacy Policy VHL Accessibility Statement VHL Support
Kanopy Kanopy Privacy Policy Kanopy Accessibility Statement Kanopy Support
Swank Digital Campus Swank Privacy Policy Swank Accessibility Statement Swank Support