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USF St. Petersburg campus Guide to Online Learning

USF St. Petersburg campus University Policies

Below are details about select policies and resources. For a full list of USF St. Petersburg campus Academic Policies and Procedures, view the:

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office (DOS) focuses on promoting a caring, inclusive environment that fosters student development. The purpose of the DOS is to facilitate collaborative relationships, between students and the USF St. Petersburg campus community, that aid in navigating challenges to student development.

Student Code of Conduct

USF St. Petersburg campus is a learning community designed to foster collaboration, open communication, mutual respect and inclusiveness among students, faculty, and staff as they engage in the education process. As members of this community, all students are entitled to certain rights and privileges which are protected. In order to protect the rights and privileges of all students, there are guidelines for conduct that are intended to facilitate the desired environment and educational goals of the university and its students. It is important that each student become familiar with the rights afforded students at the university. Visit the Student Conduct page to learn more.


Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is grounded in certain fundamental values, which include honesty, respect, and fairness. Broadly defined, it is the completion of all academic endeavors and claims of scholarly knowledge as representative of one’s own efforts. Issues related to academic integrity include plagiarism, cheating on examinations, reusing papers and submitting your own work.

All USF St. Petersburg campus students are expected to demonstrate the highest level of honesty and responsibility. Any form of dishonesty destroys the trust between faculty and student, is unfair to other students within the program and contradicts the reason for entering the program. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

View USF’s system policy on the Academic Integrity of Students for more information.


Selling of Class Notes Policy
With the popularity of notes selling websites, it is important to note that USF St. Petersburg campus prohibits the recording of lectures or sales of notes unless permitted by the faculty member. Please review the USF Course Notes and Recording Policy.